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Khaleejesque’s visit to the Build-A-Bear Workshop in The Avenues was such a wonderful experience. The staff were very friendly, welcoming and full of energy. We started off by taking a tour of the shop, which is very wide and spacious. Build-A-Bear had a big selection of bears, a wide range of different animals and cartoon characters such as The Smurfs, the Minions and Spiderman. Having such a wide variety allows the child to have a choice to expand their imagination. The process of building a bear/animal is such a fun and engaging process, allowing the child to investigate and interact.

The process includes filling up the bear with cotton, cleaning it, and finally choosing the accessories which results in having your own unique bear. This development gives the child the sensation that this bear is their own and no one has anything similar. To conclude this innovative process, you are handed a birth certificate stating that this bear is yours. Finally, the packaging was the cherry on top: a cardboard box that has outlined figures where your child can draw, color and scribble all over. In addition, at the end of our visit we were given balloons, and who doesn’t like balloons?

Thank you Build-A-Bear Workshop. We enjoyed a truly wonderful experience!

– Suad Al Fraih

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