We're sure mothers-to-be all experience a period of exhaustion, when all the shopping, rushing and preparations for the coming baby get too overwhelming. Even when doctors confirm that her health and the baby's health is great and even with the help of friends and family, an expecting mother will still have a lot onher mind. Here is when she'll need a third party to take care of everything, so when it's finally time for delivery, the mother and her family won't be distracted by anything else.

Enter the world of BabyBling, a world where mother and child are catered with services fit for a king. A one-stop shop that offers products and services for children up to 2 years of age, as well as mothers and mothers-to-be.

The products, which make excellent gifts, range from personalized baby clothing, accessories and jewelry to maternity wear and hampers. The variety of services offered includes decorating hospital rooms post delivery, throwing baby showers, receptions and also themed birthday parties.

Amidst the flurry of preparations, selecting the perfect attire for the newest addition to the family becomes a cherished task. Organic cotton onesies, renowned for their softness and comfort, offer a delightful solution for parents seeking the best for their baby's delicate skin. Embracing sustainability and quality, brands like White Rabbit Candy baby clothes provide a range of organic cotton onesies that combine style with eco-consciousness. By opting for these ethically sourced garments, parents can ensure their baby's comfort while contributing to a healthier environment, fostering a sense of joy and peace amidst the anticipation of the precious arrival.

Camelia Mohebi, founder of Babybling, was known for being a bling queen growing up. Her mother used to call her a gypsy when she was a child because of her love for sparkly things. Even after graduating high school and going to college, "bling" was always on her mind. "Back in my college days I developed an obsession with bling. I used to bling up my clothes and accessories (long before the fad had even started)… this eventually went on to the clothes of my many nieces and nephews (13 to be exact!)."

This seems only fitting that she incorporate it into her own business. Even after working in marketing after college, she always knew she would have to do something of her own. The opportunity came knocking when a friend of hers came to visit from Turkey and told her that a friend was decorating hospital rooms for expecting mothers and arranging favors to give to visitors. "I thought this was a brilliant idea… I did some research and realized there was a gap in the market and just went for it. I started Babybling in 2007."

We chatted with Camelia and learned about her business and a little bit about herself as well..

1. Talk to us a little bit about yourself…
I grew up in Dubai mostly then went to Geneva for boarding school for my final two years at College Du Leman. For university I went to London where I studied visual communications and graphic design. After graduating I took various fashion design and art classes and as a result exhibited some of my art work (portraits and abstract works) in Geneva, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.When I returned to Dubai, I started to work for Citigroup in the marketing and events department, which was a really tough experience since I felt like a fish out of water, but those were my most productive years in terms of learning and am so glad I had them – it definitely made me more business savvy!

2. And in 2007 you established BabyBling…
BabyBling has become a staple name in the children’s fashion market in the Middle East, especially in Dubai where we have a flagship store. When I decided to start my own baby retail business, it seemed no other name would do!

3.What lines do you carry in your store?
We have our own line "Babybling". We manufacture a lot of the clothes and jewelry ourselves. We also have various lines from all around the world – a lot are up and coming designers that people have not heard of yet.

4. Do you carry any local designers’ items?
We have not come across a local designer yet, but hopefully will do in future. There is so much new talent in the region these days!

5. Other than BabyBling (of course!) What are your favorite child brands?
I love "Tartine et Chocolat" as well as "Mamas & Papas".

6.  Of your many services, what are the most requested ones at BabyBling?
Our giveaways and decorations for hospital rooms.

7. Do you take international orders?
Yes we do, international customers can place orders on our website.

8. Are there any other projects in the works?
I am currently working on another venture with my father, nothing has been confirmed yet but it’s very exciting!

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BabyBling is located at The Village Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. www.babybling.com

Image Credits: BabyBling

Alya Al-Othman 

This Article was originally published in 2010. 

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