Creative and Cultural Insight from the Arab Gulf 

Launched in 2009, Khaleejesque is an award-winning Kuwait-based publishing brand that highlights the dynamic creative and cultural scene of the Arab Gulf countries through inspiring content, engaging events, and thought-provoking exhibitions.

In an age where media representation is crucial to encourage cultural dialogue, our aim is to showcase inspirational people, projects, and initiatives to a local, regional, and international audience.

Khaleejesque has featured 2,750+ creatives across the MENA region

Our Values

The Khaleejesque team believes in presenting quality content and experiences to our readers wherever they may be.

We grow through creativity, innovation, and curiosity.

We integrate honesty, integrity, and passion into all aspects of our work. 

Ultimately, we're motivated to make a change in our community through the power of storytelling.

What does Khaleejesque mean?

The name has been coined by merging the Arabic word for gulf “Khaleej” with the suffix “esque”; creating a playful name which is the Gulf answer to Arabesque, but instead we are Khaleejesque.

Our Awards

World Summit Awards 2017

Best and Most Innovative Digital Solution

Kuwait e-Content Award 2016

e-Culture Category

A'Design Award and Competition 2016

Best Design Media

The Khaleejesque Team

  • Fouz Al-Sabah, Founder and Editor-in-Chief
  • Mahjabeen Ahmedi, Creative Director
  • Rahaf Aloraifan, Content & Community Specialist
  • Saira Malik, Editor
  • Marsya Abdulghani, Contributing writer