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The mall race seems to be a popular one in the Gulf; with countries, and companies competing to build the ultimate shopping center. For in a region popular for its intolerable heat, malls seem to be an air-conditioned haven of entertainment and leisure for locals. One of the most unique shopping centers in the Gulf can be found in Doha, Qatar. The Villagio Mall is one of the most beautiful malls in the Gulf Region.

Modelled after the World Famous Las Vegas Venetian Resort, the Villagio Mall is as Italian as Italian gets. The Mall's façade looks like a Venetian landscape, with multicolored Venetian-like building compacted together; all's that missing is San Marco's square and the canal, but wait there’s more. Upon entering the building, one feels they have set foot into another world, with the roof of the mall painted in a sky-like demeanor with clouds and all, giving one the impression they are outside on a clear beautiful day.
The interior of the mall is decorated with a series of multicolored one storey buildings, lamp posts decorated with flower baskets, and a full-scale water canal littered with Gondola's, which are the mall’s most distinct landmarks. Mall-goers can enjoy a Gondola-ride on the wonderful turquoise water with an authentically dressed Italian gondolier complete with the black and white striped clothes and red scarf. The canal crosses the mall, floating past the various shops and under the many pedestrian bridges past stores and cafes all around the mall.
If that wasn't enough to tempt you to visit, Villagio Mall offers a variety of stores and entertainment facilities that shoppers can lose themselves in, such as Carrefour, Virgin Megastore, Dean and Deluca, as well as a skating rink.

We haven’t finished our tour of this mall yet!
One side of the mall is dedicated to the Baroque era, it's like you walk out of Venice and find yourself in Rome. The interior design is dazzling with plush Baroque touches, and a stunning gold leaf interlaced flooring floor, which paves the way for an amazing showcase of world-class designer boutiques that include Dior, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and  Fendi, to count a few.

Best of all, the Villagio is still not complete, with a 3D movie theater and various stores expected to open in the future. Yes, wow! With a mall like this, everyone feels like they've been transported to Venice for a few hours every shopping trip they take.

– Fahad Al-Maawda. Images: Garry De Los Reyes  http://www.flickr.com/photos/29897765@N00/

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