Did you get a chance to visit Khaleejesque Magazine's online store?

Khaleejesque Magazine launched its first official online store, with amazing items that include stationery, clothes and even accessories, you're bound to find something you'll love! Some of the designers include, Aperture 2.0 who sells quirky items including a camera strap, a T-shirt and a notebook. Nira Concept is another designer who sells greeting cards with different Arabic quotes written on them, perfect for any occasion with a blank inside. Another product is by designer Sarah Al Farhan who created the 'you and i' zine which is basically a 16 page notebook in the theme of Arabism.

With many more products soon to be sold at the K Store, you also have the opportunity to sell your items!

If you would like the chance to sell your products at The K Store, feel free to email us at thekstore@khaleejesque.com

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