The fall exhibition at NYU explores and discusses the issues of modern technology and our attachments to it, the notions of isolations vs. connectedness, along with privacy. Under the title ‘Invisible Threads: Technology and its Discontents,’ 15 international artists will showcase their artworks on the matter.

Unknown Gamer, 2014 - by Aram Bartholl
Unknown Gamer, 2014 – by Aram Bartholl

'Invisible Threads’ is Co-Curated by Bana Kattan; a Curator at the NYUAD Art Gallery and Professor Scott Fitzgerald; Program Head of Interactive Media at NYU. It will also discuss global topics on the 21st century’s technology, its positives’ and negativities on us. Additionally, the transformation in our means of communication, as well as its effect on our environment.

The exhibition will launch today, September 22nd, and run until December 31st, 2016.

For more information, visit their website.

– Image in banner is of a sculpture by Wafaa Bilal titled, Canto III.

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