It was an event to see and be seen. Stylish attendees from all areas of the fashion, design and art world flocked to the long anticipated opening of 52 Degrees.

The invite-only opening event was an absolute success. Held at the newly renovated Regency Hotel, guests were greeted at the entrance of the Al Maha Ballroom by 52 Degrees Fashion Officers, and were escorted to the red carpet, complete with velvet ropes and a horde of paparazzi. While guests walked to the doors of the ballroom, the photographers snapped hundreds of pictures of them. It was a Hollywood experience, but right here in Kuwait.

Designers Reham Baluchi (left) and Nora Al Hathran (right)

Playing with the theme of temperatures, the ballroom was decorated to look like you were entering an icy palace, with small references to heat. The chandeliers were dimmed, almost dark, with the far walls lit with dark pink spotlights and with the guests faces illuminated by the glow emitted from the display cases and mannequins. Speakers played old popular Kuwaiti songs remixed with House music; a perfect blend of old and new, traditional and modern.

Placed all around the room were black lacquered display cases, internally lit, displaying a different item each, such as a piece of jewelry or a bag. It was like entering a museum, albeit a really chic one. Guests also mingled between the beautiful black lacquered mannequins, wearing garments from participating designers. Dar TrTr's ruffled jacket was one of our favorites, which the designer Fajer Al Hamdhan herself came wearing. Muqaddam was also a crowd favorite, as was the laid-back outfit from Mexican Elephant. A couple of stand-out display cases were in the form of antique-looking fridges with a t-shirt hanging inside.

White benches formed a number of U-shaped seating areas, running the entire length of the right and left walls, up until the podium. Coffee tables in the middle of each seating area were decorated with a tall vase of white hydrangeas, short round glass bowls with floating hydrangeas, candle votives, a bowl of white candy and a jar of Choowy Goowy cookies!

Nearer to the podium, guests were able to view the artwork and photography of the participants up close. Two large screens on the top part of the podium's wall showed a different short video every 5 minutes, with a timer running between each, telling us when the next clip will show. The last video unveiled 52 Degrees' newest ad campaign to a loud applause.

Throughout the year, 52 Degrees was presenting to us a very interesting ad campaign. Their first series of ad campaigns "Why Not?" was met with equal parts quizzical and interested responses. Their intention to be "mysterious" aroused the interests of the public. The ads were purposely vague, and told as little about the business as possible. The website did not explain the project, nor did the TV ads. Their aim was to get everyone talking and asking about it. It worked.

A few months ago, their first formal interview aired on Watan TV, and answered all the questions people wanted to know about. They also received more requests and emails than ever before.

After such exciting teasers and a wonderful "sample" of the store in the form of the opening ceremony, we can't wait to see the store itself.

52 Degrees store will officially open in November 2010, after Eid Al Adh'ha.

General Manager Abdullah Al Mudhaf
Designer Aziz Al Nasrallah (left) with Kuwaiti actress Haya Abdul Salam (right)
52 Degrees Team
52 Degrees Interior Architect Ahmed Al Baghli (center) with his family
Yousef Al Ibrahim (left) with Abdullah Al Mulaifi (right)
TV presenter Abdullah Boftain (left)

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