Around the world, we have seen many mind-blowing sculptures like 'The Discus Thrower' in Greece, 'David' by Michelangelo, and of course 'The Thinker' from Auguste Rodin in Paris. All of those have gone down in history as some of the most prestigious works of art. Damien Hirst's sculptures may have entry to that list. An English artist from Bristol, Damien is part of the Young British Artists, an art group but is also known internationally for his bizarre and unexpected choices of art that includes dead animals, skulls, and paintings that represent death. His work always caught the attention of artsy individuals and will again with his anatomical sculptures in Doha, Qatar.

Titled "The Miraculous Journey" (referring to the miracle of birth), this set of 14 bronze sculptures were unveiled outside a women's hospital which tell a story starting from the fetus and ending with a 46-foot sculpture of a new born baby. Such an interesting installation is now a must-see creation in Doha.

Sheikha Al Mayassa Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the chairwoman of the Qatar Museums Authority was pleased to have such a creative work of art in her country and had this to say  in the Museum of Islamic Art. “To have something like this is less daring than having a lot of nudity. There is a verse in the Koran about the miracle of birth. It is not against our culture or our religion.”

Damien Hirst's incredible work of art can be seen below. Visit www.damienhirst.com for more of the Brit's eccentric work.

Images: Penny Yi Wang




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