In our mission to bridge Khaleeji Culture, inspire, and enlighten our Readers, we’ve introduced a new series of articles. Titled Panorama, these articles will spotlight and feature a mix of different Khaleeji personalities from the Gulf and give you a sneak peak into their world. If you’d like to nominate someone to showcase on Panorama, please email us at

This week’s panorama participant is our personal favorite regional fashion blogger, Confashions from Kuwait.

1) Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m a Kuwaiti female fashion blogger who devours anything related to fashion the way football fanatics devour Champions league. I have started my blog in 2007 as an outlet for my fashion addiction and I don’t know where I’m going as a fashion blogger yet, but I do know that I love what I do. I’m also happy that my hard work and commitment to the blog has really opened up new opportunities.

2) What do you like most about your hometown- Kuwait?

My family and friends.

Natalie Massenet

3) Who’s one person you look up to regionally and internationally?

* Regionally: My parents who have always sacrificed their happiness for our own fulfillment.

* Internationally: Net-A-Porter founder Natalie Massenet for her vision, innovation, hard work, and determination.

4) Since you’re a Fashion Blogger, let’s talk fashion. What do you think are staple closet items that can go from season to season?

Accessories; Shoes, handbags, statement necklaces, rings, and cuffs.

5) What are you over fashion-wise And what are you lusting over?

I’m so over the Birkin (for now). I’m lusting over Solange Azagury-Partridge Hot lips lacquered sterling silver ring and Celine’s box bag.

6) What’s your favorite quote?

“I don’t design dresses. I design dreams.” by Ralph Lauren

7) What in your opinion are the best places in Kuwait to:

* Shop: It’s hard to choose one only! So I’m going to pick 4. For highstreet I would say The Avenues and for High end designers: Al Othman and for cutting Edge Fashion Boutique 4. And finally my sisters’ closets.

* Eat: There’s nothing like a good ol’ home cooked meal.

* People watch: Any café at 360 Mall or the Avenues for brunch.

* Soak in some culture: Dar Al Funoon.

Are you hooked yet? Then check out her blog at

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