Panasonic RF800U Radio

Do you miss the look and feel of old-school radios but love the perks of new technology? We know we do. Thankfully, now we can have the best of both worlds with the new Panasonic RF800U radio.

The RF800U, a new multipurpose radio recently launched by Panasonic, has multiple functions including – naturally – radio reception, speakers, and a USB port.

The radio features a 81cm whip antenna to obtain optimal 4-band reception over a wide area and a 10cm full-range speaker. But our favorite feature yet is the radio's USB port with a 5V output that allows users to charge gadgets such as mobile phones or camera.

To complete its vintage look, the radio is enclosed in a wooden casing and simple retro buttons all while getting the uses of modern technology.

We're loving it!

Image courtesy of Panasonic

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