Putting together a fashion shoot is no easy task. As glamorous as it looks, it is sooo hard! The amount of "manual labor" you have to do is unbelievable. That being said though, when you're working with a wonderful easy-going team, you are bound to have a great time.

For Khaleejesque's second fashion editorial, Glamour on Guard, we decided to go with one of our favorite trends of the moment: tribal/nomad. We styled the outfits using contemporary items mixed with stand-out pieces, like shaggy fur vests or print harem pants. But of course, nothing could have tied together the whole looks other than the multitude amount of accessories. We piled on an insane amount of bangles, rings, necklaces – in all shapes, sizes and textures. In this editorial, there was no such thing as less is more. More was definitely MORE.

Choosing a location is also one of the hard tasks involved. We chose a fitting outdoor location: the desert! We set up camp, literally, with a big tent that we filled with racks of clothes and tables for the accessories.

Here's a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes:

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