Friday the 25th of March 2011 was just another lovely weekend day.  People were out enjoying their time, be it in the local commercial malls littering Kuwait City, or on the outskirts of town either in the Desert camping or at their beach houses soaking in some of the beautiful weather.

No one expected the weather to change so abruptly, from perfect blue skies to a pitch black sand-infested darkness.

It started just before sunset- a red cloud coming from the North spread all over Kuwaiti skies in less than an hour shedding sand all over.

Visibility soon dwindled from a foggy sandy scene to an utter black out that lasted for 3 hours or so.

Cars on the highway stopped in their tracks, people were trapped indoors, malls became sandcastles, others were stuck at sea; life in Kuwait came to a halt for a couple of hours.

Some people thought it was the end of the world, others thought it was a tropical storm turned hurricane; no one knew what had happened.

Here are some pictures of the sandstorm, taken by the K-Staff and readers.


There was no warning of the impending sandstorm, a lot of people could have benefited from a prior warning. We believe that a sandstorm watch/warning should be put into action, in a country where a sandstorm can stop life for a couple hours and create so much hassle, there should be prior warning.

Let's hope we get warned next time.

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