A dreaded word to any driver, passenger or person trying to get some where.

That and a "flat tire", and "no fuel", okay so it's one of the most dreaded words.

We, here at Khaleejesque, as well as the entire country (Kuwait) have had it with traffic.

With a plethora of rolling highways, fly-over mini highways, and wide roads, we have no idea why we sometimes end up stuck  in traffic for more than hours at an end just to get from A to B.

We've got a fabulous road system that can contend with any  other in the region or world, and yet it's constantly bottled up  with traffic.

Sometimes it's because of an accident; accidents always bring roads to a stifling halt since they don't just create an obstacle and block a lane, they almost always attract curious passerby's  attention who slow down to see what the accident is about and whether someone was hurt even though there is almost always a police officer or an ambulance handling the incident.

What's funny is that this traffic has been making it's way to our gossip circles, and general discussions in Kuwait. Instead of restricting one's self to the weather as the English say, we Kuwaitis restrict ourselves to the traffic; with everyone venting about how long it took them to get to the said restaurant, gathering, etc.

The funniest thing we've heard lately about the building traffic and clogged streets in Kuwait is that it's a negative externality of the KD 1,000 Amiri Grant to Kuwaiti citizens. Families invested this KD 1,000 per person in a new car, and hence thousands maybe even millions of brand new cars hit the road making them hit full capacity and hence create non-stop traffic.

We don't know if that conspiracy has any truth to it or not, but like to chuckle at the thought.

All we know is that to get somewhere now, we give ourselves a 30 minute headway so that we can reach there on time or at least a few minutes early and don't end up stressing out stuck in traffic.

What are your thoughts?

– N.A.S

Images: Shiju13475, Mink

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