Sheesha Pen

The latest gadget trending across the region is called the Shisha Cigarette, a contraption that promises to give you the same experience as smoking minus the toxic chemicals and with zero nicotine. I guess you could say that the Shisha Cigarette is a healthy alternative to cigarettes and the conventional shisha/hookah.

As the popularity of innovative smoking alternatives like the Shisha Cigarette surges across the region, individuals are increasingly seeking ways to enhance their smoking experiences with premium essentials. That's where comes in – a hub tailored for enthusiasts to explore a carefully curated assortment of high-quality smoking accessories. Whether it's trendy bongs or elegant hand pipes, this online destination presents a varied selection designed to elevate the smoking experience to a whole new level.

The Shisha Cigarette as described by the website is a"revolutionary no nicotine, no tar, no tobacco, first of its kind electronic shisha cigarette. It is portable, disposable and has an amazing flavour for up to 300 puffs…"

Basically instead of the nicotine and harmful chemicals, it produces steam vapour which provides smokers with the same satisfaction but without the dangerous side effects.

We have no idea if this thing actually works, but we're hoping this new invention will help ease smokers out of their addiction.

Sheesha Pen Sheesha Pen

Sheesha Pen

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