Hollywood heartthrob Nicholas Hoult and Scottish Hollywood superstar Ewan McGregor star in the action packed Jack the Giant Slayer. The film is set during the time of princes, giants and a magical beanstalk. Based on the fairytale you read in school, this film is set to be a box-office hit.

Nicholas Hoult stars as Jack who sets out on an epic adventure to save Isabelle, the daughter of the king, played by Eleanor Tomlinson. All Jack has to do is battle giants, climb a beanstalk and save a princess. Sounds like something you see everyday, right?

Meydan IMAX Theatre is holding a VIP screening of Jack The Giant Slayer on Wednesday March 13th at 8pm and we're giving away two VIP tickets to two winners to enjoy this film. All you have to do is answer the following question in the comment section below:

Which actor plays Jack in Jack the Giant Slayer?

  1. Alejandro Seinfeld
  2. Adnan Banksy
  3. Nicholas Hoult
  4. Morgan Freeman

Note: The giveaway ends Tuesday March 12 at 12:00 AM (KWT time) and winners will be announced the following morning. Winners can pick up the tickets from Meydan IMAX Theatre (Dubai, UAE) before the premiere.

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