'Pretty Little Things' (PLT) outdoor festival is back yet again with more boutiques and stores from around the GCC and Lebanon. Inner Works have gone with an industrial chic look for the event and Monstariam (live art installations), Rola's Beauty Lounge and Magnolia Bakery will be adding a little extra love to the visitors and booths. Some of the brands who appeared in December are back and many new stores now have a platform to display their products.

Here are just some of the brands you'll find at PLT and each one of them has their own unique products and services to offer:


• Pretty Sheep
• The Velvet Pouch
• Bisht Collection
• Tiny Socks
• Sufi Turkish Fine Art
• Someday
• Villa des Fleurs

Saudi Arabia:

• Mash4
• Awra Jewellery
• Trickponi


• Sugar Vintage


• L'atelier Nawbar

PLT will be taking place March 9-13 at Salhiya Mall Plaza, 3-10pm. 

Be sure to follow @PLTQ8 for updates on the event.

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