Darkened Cities

If everybody on Earth turned off every single light they have, this is most likely what they would see when they look up at the night sky.

Photographer Thierry Cohen created a breathtaking series entitled Darkened Cities  in which he portrays the skylines of cities like New York, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo and Los Angeles, with absolutely no light. He combined shots of the cities with those he took of the night sky in places situated on the same latitude. The result is images of what those same cities would look like at night, if there was no electricity.

Surprisingly (or perhaps some of you know about this), the amount of light emmited from buildings, homes, streets, etc, collectively diminishes our ability to view the stars in the sky. Even on the clearest nights, our manmade light creates a visual pollution we seldom realize.

Images via Gizmodo

Darkened Cities 2

Darkened Cities 3

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