We recently came across an exciting webapp called BookRx, which makes personalized book recommendations based on your tweets. Simply type your username into the blank field, click "GO", and wait as your personalized recommendations come through.

BookRx is developed by Knight Lab, a joint initiative of Northwestern University’s Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Medill School of Journalism. It consists of a group of technologists, journalists, designers and educators whose primary goal is "to advance news media innovation through exploration and experimentation."

The results on BookRx are based on words, hashtags and users mentioned in your tweets. It sorts them out into six categories which vary depending on the Twitter user. For Khaleejesque, it categorized our interests as: Business, Food, Science & Technology, Sports & Fitness, Fiction, Politics & Social Sciences. Each category has 7 book recommendations, and underneath them is a brief listing of the words from your tweets that inspired these results.

Try it out! Visit

BookRx Khaleejesque BookRx Khaleejesque

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