Window shopping has a whole new meaning with the help of AmigoShop, a concept that came to Kuwait straight from Barcelona, Spain. It is a virtual directory for retailers and lists all sorts of stores from restaurants to clothing boutiques.

What differentiates them from regular online directories is their Voovio virtual walkthrough of shops technology. They assemble photographs of your shop in order to create a 3D tour, along with all information you'd like to display with it. The site has also embedded Google maps which allows potential customers to better situate the outlet they are interested in visiting.

For companies willing to subscribe, the basic service costs 150KD per year; it incorporates the listing of the store, the 3D virtual tour and a monthly activity report. Two other premium options can be added for an extra yearly 35KD.

Amigo promises to increase your online presence, increase your store's visibility, augment foot traffic, and therefore intensify your sales. For consumers on the other hand, what better than an exhaustive website to discover hidden gems?

Cities that have Amigo's services are Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Madrid as well as New York City and London.

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