Select is a new initiative which aims to create annual creative projects in Kuwait. The easiest way to describe this project is by saying that it's “a guidebook with a twist”. Every year a new directory of a different project will be released. The first print issue will focus on all the talented photographers in Kuwait shedding light on their work.

What this first issue will feature is a directory of all the different photographers that you can find along with their contact details. This will make it very easy for people to choose from these various talents especially since some of their work is displayed as well for the readers to judge. The creators of Select believe that with this growing talents of individuals in Kuwait, a directory is essential in this case.

Select will not only serve as a directory but as a portfolio and a future reference for all photographers whose works are featured. It is the perfect coffee book table to flip through and explore all the different talents in Kuwait!

You can check out their featured images and updates on Twitter and Instagram @SelectKW

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