Ever heard of hands-free luggage? Meet the most sophisticated luggage design yet.

Created by Spanish graduate student, Rodrigo Garcia, this stunning invention makes a travelers life so much easier. All you need to do is connect your phone via Bluetooth to the bag, which uses three sensors to activate the motion. Once connected to the phone, you can roam around the airport and not worry one bit of having to pull your luggage all around because Hop! will just follow you where you (well your phone, really) go. If you have multiple bags, they will simply follow each other normally using their caterpillar-like tracks. If you and your bag are apart, the bag will simply lock itself for safety.

Hop! represents the next generation in luggage and we absolutely love it! No need for carts and carrying your luggage from one point of the airport to the other.

So, frequent flyers, would you purchase this fantastic bag? Just watch Hop! in action in the video below!

Image courtesy of gizmag.com

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