Ramadan just got sweeter! For the upcoming holy month, dessert might take on a whole new meaning.

Sukar Ramadan is the first Ramadan-dedicated sweets and confectioneries exposition aiming to bring together suppliers, professionals and buyers interested in the industry all under one roof.

The expo is boasting an attendance by bakery suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers — both local and international — interested in the sweets industry. The expo will provide attendees with networking opportunities and the option of testing out their products specifically for the Ramadan market.

Products that will be featured at Sukar Ramadan will include chocolates, candies, biscuits and cookies, ice cream, products offering health benefits, sweet drinks, and other confectionery products.

The expo will take place from July 12-14 at the ground level of 360 Mall, in the shopping center’s exhibition hall.

To buy a booth at Sukar Ramadan, contact Ruba Hamze at (965) 2247 3617/8 or ruba@obig-online.com

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