Inspired by Saher Al-Lail, the popular Kuwaiti TV Series which is now in its third installment, Hessa and Fatma Aljoker, fashion designers from Dubai, created t-shirts that portray the vintage feel of the show and we're sure they'll be a hit with fans across the Gulf.

According to the dynamic designer duo Fatma and Hessa, "most of our designs are a merge of trendy yet vintage and classy apparel, lately we've collaborated with the director and cast of "Saher Al-Lail" to create t-shirts for their huge fan base."

We're huge fans of the TV Series ourselves and love these must-have tees for any Saher Al-Lail fan.

At the moment, the t-shirts are sold in Kuwait at  "Boutikee Casual Chic” and will be launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at "My Little Shop". Rumor has it that the cast will be there for the launch so keep your eyes peeled!

The gift up for grabs is a limited edition Saher Al-Lail T-shirt signed by the cast of the hit TV Show!

To win this cool t-shirt answer the following question in the comments section below.

"Saher Al-Lail" will debut its ______ installment this Ramadan 2012.
(A) 2nd
(B) 3rd
(C) 4th
(D) 5th

The giveaway is open to readers all across the six gulf states.

Only one comment per person.

Note: Only one submission per IP Address!

The contest ends Thursday the 28th of June, 2012 at midnight (Kuwait Time).

Due to popular demand, we've extended the deadline till Saturday at midnight (Kuwait Time).


Congratulations to Mariam H M Al.Juma for winning the Sahir Al-Lail giveaway. We hope you enjoy your prize!

Image Credits: Hessa and Fatma AlJoker via Ana Zahra


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