Ever wanted to download and not worry about other people over-using the router? Do you want high-speed Internet that does NOT need a landline? We've always been struggling with our Internet connection here at the Khaleejesque office but have recently been introduced to WiMD and can't stop raving about the incredible speeds we've been experiencing. And yes, we have to admit we've been going overboard with the downloads.

Wireless Mobile Data Company (WiMD) is an aspiring, privately owned company offering high-speed wireless Internet to the public in Kuwait. WiMD offers a wireless broadband solution making people's lives for efficient, simple and provides them with fast and reliable wireless connections. Through their high-speed offerings, WiMD intend to redefine the standard of telecommunications in Kuwait, and not just load you with endless advertisements of their services (which are located below by the way).

Internet is used by the second in our lives now so why not have the Internet in your car? Maybe when you are lost in the middle of nowhere? WiMD's vision is to make broadband available all around Kuwait. They've currently developed a WiFi map all over Souq al-Mubarikiya, Village Abu al-Hassany and the Pinkberry Jabriya area, which means you can currently access the Internet at those locations for free. As for residential and corporate clients, they've got the wireless broadband service which will definitely meet any subscribers demands. Wireless broadband benefits include:

High broadband speed: Whether you would prefer the 6Mbps speed or the exceptional 15Mpbs, your subscription with WiMD will be a life changing experience.
Exceptional download/upload ratio: Be able to get the download speed you want. Don't worry about your siblings or parents yelling at you to stop your downloads.
Dedicated bandwidth: With all speed, WiMD guarantees great width for your subscription. Meaning you get the capacity you subscribed for all to yourself and not shared with other customers on the network.  You won’t experience reduced speed because more people are subscribed.
No landline required: A wireless connection means no wire doesn't it? This means you wont have to worry about the costs or efficiency of your landline. Just a simple antenna on your roof will do the trick.
Unlimited usage: No Limitations. Period.

For more information about WiMD, contact their call center 22492792, email them media@wimd.com.kw or visit their site www.wimd.com.kw

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