Have you ever wanted to be active in your community and literally 'voice' your concerns? You can now. Voice for Success is a program that aims to raise awareness on the social and environmental problems that young activists are working on solving in Kuwait. Created by en.v in collaboration with The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), the initiative is basically "dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world. en.v’s primary objective is to seek out public sector bodies, private sector and civil society organizations in the region, document their efforts, and create interactivity between them towards developing a more thought-conscious society".

Voice for Success developed short videos and articles to illustrate the initiatives and contributions of the social developments in Kuwait, all their content is promoted through its online news portal as well as through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Faisal Al Fuhaid is one of the young activists the program focuses on, in his video report he talks about why he decided to get involved in fighting against bullying and discrimination in Kuwaiti schools. Dalal Al Abdulrazzak is another candidate who tells about about the consequences of over-fishing on Kuwait's marine life. By sharing their achievements with your friends and family you can show your support and help raise awareness on these problems taking place in our society.

For more information on the program and to view more inspiring videos, visit their website www.voiceforsuccess.envearth.com


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