Fearless Encounters is a new documentary film honoring the Kuwaiti Oil Firefighting Team. The film was never edited or released until 2011. Shot 20 years ago by Kuwaiti filmmaker, Talal Showaish-Salem, who spent 6 weeks with the team in the horrific inferno, the film tells the inside untold story of the Kuwaiti oil firefighters' heroic fearless encounters.

When Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's army was forced out of Kuwait by the world coalition forces in February 1991, out of spite and hatred he ordered his defeated retreating army to blow up all of Kuwait's oil wells. More than 650 oil wells were on fire for 8 months, burning on average 6 million barrels of oil per day. In total, more than 1 billion barrels of crude oil was burnt.

The Kuwaiti firefighting team started 180 days after the main 4 world famous, American and Canadian oil firefighting teams. The Kuwaiti team overwhelmed the world by their unmatched speed in killing the fiercest oil well fires, reaching temperatures of 2000C. Against all bets, the Kuwaitis managed to extinguish the biggest well in Kuwait BG160, which was burning 60,000 barrels of oil per day. With their speed and relentless enthusiasm, they ignited the competitive spirit amongst all the other firefighting teams, which lead to extinguishing all the fires in 7 months only, compared to the initial world expert predictions of 5 years.

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Fearless Encounters is now showing across Cinescape theaters in Kuwait; to book your ticket visit the Cinescape website


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