Khaleejesque's second print issue is officially making its way all through Kuwait, and the rest of the Arab Gulf very soon, and while we highly recommend you pick a copy, we'd also like to share the story behind the cover of the magazine. Being a quarterly publication (for the time being) and wanting to focus on a specific issue in each print run, we felt it was important to break through the mold and present an unusual cover to complement the content and visuals of the magazine itself.

In came Sonia Hensler, a celebrated illustrator with an impressive repertoire of artwork and covers for magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, LVMH, LOEWE, TopShop, WMS Spear's, Diplomat, and many more. Based in the UK, Hensler finds herself producing whimsical and theatrical creations with just the right amount of playfulness. While seeking inspiration from the opulence found in fashion, theatre, food, and film, Hensler combines these elements to create highly stylized  and effortless work.

Needless to say, it was a breeze working on Khaleejesque's second print issue cover with Hensler. Going through three different cover concepts, each one completely unrelated to the next, we settled on a completely illustrated cover which emphasizes the Arab sense of embellishment and patterns in a fresh and contemporary way. We went through different color palettes and didn't settle on the final look until a day before the magazine actually went into print!

We think our move paid off since the feedback on the cover has been quite overwhelming and we were lucky enough to have Hensler to work with.

Be sure to check out Sonia Hensler's site to view more of her stunning artwork.

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