PAPER & NEST is one of the participants taking part in Pretty Little Things in Kuwait from April 28th till May 1st in Bayt Al Sadu; here's more about this cute online store and design studio.

When asked about why she started this cute and quirky online store, "Fudha Al Ateeqi' states:

I am one who always carries a notebook around and appreciate unique products rather than mass produced goods. A paper enthusiast who has not yet given in to technology and still writes everything down. And while freelancing as a graphic designer I created my very own virtual space for my portfolio PAPER Design and my online shop PAPER & NEST. I try to fill the shop with paper goods from well known brands I truly fell in love with like RUSSEL & HAZEL, MARA MI, and BLISSEN. I also recently added a small selection of accessories; clothing, jewelry, shawls and bags. The website has grown since my initial opening in 2009, and adding a blog page which was an exciting new step forward.

Fudha's blog is where you will find PAPER DESIGN's daily doses of inspiration and creation. You will also get behind the scenes photos of whats happening in the Design Studio or what's new and lovely in their shop PAPER & NEST.

Brands the online store carries: RUSSEL & HAZEL, HERRINGBONE, MARA MI, jewelry from ALL TOGETHER LOVELY, paper goods from RIFLE PAPER, SESAME LETTERPRESS greeting cards, BLISSEN notebooks and more.

For more info, call +965 50601020 or email and be sure to check out

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