We were very flattered and intrigued when Ali Al-Najjar from Bahrain first approached us and asked to use our name for his university interior design project. Ali was inspired by the meaning behind Khaleejesque and wanted to base his interior design project, a cinema complex that houses Khaleeji talent, around the same concept as our magazine. Little did we know that Ali went all out on the interior design project and we were in awe when he sent us the final outcome. We really hope that someday this cinema complex comes to life because it is absolutely stunning! Here's what Ali had to say about his project:

"The inspiration behind my project was to have a cinema complex unlike any other, where we get to utilize and harness Khaleeji talent where all the movies will created by GCC directors, cinematographers, and actors. Also including exhibition spaces for designers, artists as well as a restaurant and cafe. Why look out towards other countries for talent when our own 6 countries have enough talent that can set a trend and era of its own.

The space itself reflects a modern spin off of Khaleeji and Arabic design. Abstract calligraphy are found on all the horizontal and vertical structures that are utilized as designs, shapes as well as functions such as in the exhibition area to exhibit photography work and at the sitting area where the elevated chairs all hang from these structures. Main colors are of the traditional Arabic colors of tiffany/turquoise, blue and yellow with the mix of neutral natural materials and colors.

Main functions found within the space include a ticket booth for cinema tickets, an exhibition space which is considered to be the heart of the complex within the design, where all the structural elements are concentrated in and shoot out off towards different parts of the comple. A restaurant, a modern spin off of the famous Bahraini shop "Halaweyat Shwater – حلويات شويطر" with a small Arabic bread fire place, a bidding area that displays clothings and accessories from the Khaleeji movies that can be sold to bidders, two workshop classrooms; for photography, filming and editing lessons as well as for acting classes for the public, offices for the administration of the cinema and finally the theaters themselves."

Cinema Lobby Area


Theater Model
Exhibition Area
Photography & Acting Workshop
Sitting Area

Images courtesy of Ali Al-Najjar

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