Goldfish Salvation is the title of the London debut exhibition by Japanese artist Risusuke Fukahori at the ICU Gallery. Risusuke transforms the gallery into a wonder world of goldfish. His inspiration for the exhibition and his way of expressing art was through his pet goldfish, which became his lifelong theme. He creates this using a multiplex method, applying acrylic paint layered over clear resin resulting in an astonishing 3D effect. The fish are painted accurately layer by layer, displaying more detail on every layer.

Resin is a hydrocarbon secretion of trees and plants. Resins are known for their high chemical properties in which they distribute and produce varnishes, adhesives and other glazing agents.

We love how there’s depth in his work, giving that illusion that's quite odd yet inspiring, focusing on every detail. It’s such a creative way to express his inspiration, in such a unique process, giving that sensation and combination of a painting and a sculpture at the same time. Absolutely wonderful work!

Photos by Dominic Alves

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