On this exact day, 40 years ago a man with an extraordinary vision turned seven pieces of land into seven Emirates that are now part of one of the most loved nations in the world, the United Arab Emirates.

Today, us Emiratis join together to commemorate the union that you made possible. Today we celebrate your vision, your achievements and your brilliance, our dear father Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AlNahyan.

Without you we would have never been where we are today. On this day, I look outside  my window to see the streets of my beloved country filled with our flags' colors, I see the UAE flag held up high on almost every house I pass by. I genuinely, yet achingly smile, because a part of me and a part of probably every Emirati is wishing that you could be here with us to witness our love for you and for the nation you have built.

Baba Zayed, you are our leader, teacher and above all our father.

Thank you for believing in this country and turning it to what it is today.

You may have gone, but your legacy will forever be embedded in our hearts.

"!ان الدولة تعطي الأولوية في الاهتمام لبناء الإنسان ورعاية المواطن في كل مكان من الدولة وأن المواطن هو الثروة الحقيقية على هذا الأرض" 

 الشيخ زايد بن سلطان أل نهيان رحمه الله – 

– A Proud Emarati

Images: www.ourfatherzayed.ae

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