Sheikha Alanoud Al-Sabah

With a passion for jewelry and a penchant to create beautiful and beguiling things, Alanood Al-Sabah set about to stamp her bijoux mark of creativity on the Kuwaiti and international jewelry market with Octium. With a focus on the fine things in life and a newly launched first collection "Octium Creates: Series One" that has been showcased in Harrods, Octium is a Kuwait-based multibrand jewelry store that's making waves locally and internationally. Khaleejesque got together with Alanood to discuss Jewelry, Octium and a myriad of gems.

Can you tell us about yourself? 

Alanood Al-Sabah. A mother of 3, a business owner and jewelry designer.

How did Octium come about? 

It all came about when my passion for jewelry turned into an obsession, I realized how much I needed to pour my passion and share it in a local project that has the potential of being an international brand. The initial thought of creating a multi-brand jewelry store in Kuwait in the midst of a recession was a crazy idea to most, but I was adamant to go ahead with it.  Traveling had exposed me to a variety of different styles and tastes which helped me in the development and acquisition of brilliant collections of jewelry that we carry now in our boutique.

What does Jewelry signify to you?

Jewelry is the most luxurious form of art. It's the kind of art you can wear but never wears off throughout time. Timeless pieces are investments that you can definitely pass on to your offsprings for generations to come. Jewelry, to most, is linked to all sorts of emotions and memories that usually glamorizes special moments in ones life. Oh, how my heart throbs when I see a gorgeous piece laying in front of my eyes, I do get butterflies in my stomach!

Why did you choose the name Octium? and what does it mean to you?

The number Eight is a meaningful number in my life, as it is in many cultures around the world which signifies happiness, prosperity and good fortune. The concept of an endless journey of seeking perfection which is entirely represented by the figure 8, combined with the derivation of “Oct” from Octagon, which in turn lent us the name of our brand – Octium.

Octium Series One bracelet and ring

What's in the future for Octium?

We are overly thrilled to have launched our first collection "Octium Creates: Series One" in the Fine Jewelry Department at Harrods and recently in our boutique. We're also working on more series to come and hopefully venture into launching our collections in the most prestigious boutiques and department stores around the world. We're currently working on our online e-boutique which will debut by next year. Our aim is to make Octium an international luxury lifestyle brand.

What's your favorite piece of jewelery/which piece means the most to you?

The piece I feel connected to the most from our collection is the single Octium diamond ring. We've had this ongoing love affair since the first initial sketches. It was the first piece to come to life from the whole collection, and wearing it for the first time was such a satisfying moment that I'll never ever forget.

Octium Series One bracelet, earrings, and ring

What in your opinion is the "Best places in Kuwait to…."

  • People-watch: I love when the weather is beautiful in Kuwait so we can enjoy the outdoors. Marina Crescent is a wonderful place to be when the weather is nice. Souq Al Mobarakiyah is a fantastic casual place I often visit to enjoy people watching with some traditional afternoon tea over coal.
  • Eat: I prefer home cooked food over any restaurant. But if I was hungry and on the go, the only place I could think of to satisfy my cravings is Johnny Rockets. Tatami is my new hangout place. It's so chilled and relaxed, and the food is excellent.
  • Soak up some culture: Bait Dixon, Sadu House, Dar Al athar Al islamiyah.
  • Shop: Octium, of course!

For more information on Octium, visit their website, follow them on Twitter @OctiumJewelry, and check out their Facebook page.

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images courtesy of Octium Jewellery 

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