Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a blogger who loves to share the world. Everything I see beautiful and fascinating. I also own a small accessories business with my sister under the name of “Ibrah”. “Ibrah” produces handmade accessories inspired by the latest trends in fashion that are hard to find in stores. To promote “Ibrah’s” work I learned how to take photos using flash and through that I got to shoot interesting pictures for the blog as well.

What would you say blogging has added to your life?

That’s a difficult question to answer. Blogging added a lot to my life in more aspects than one. First my blog is like my diary, the place where I keep all my happy memories in and, like my organizer, has all contacts of my favorite stores and findings of interesting sites. Second, it keeps me connected with my friends and family, especially the ones that I don’t get to see much often. Third, it connects me with the world, people who share my passion for fashion and trendy stuff.

Also, I like to help people find what they are looking for. I go through magazines and surf the web a lot and I’m always out checking stores for something new, so I thought why not take pictures of my findings and share them online. People are busy with their lives, with their kids or work, that they don’t have time to shop, so in a way, I ease the process of shopping for them, especially for the ones who hate the process. As I mentioned before, photography is one of my hobbies, I didn’t think that one day I will be able to produce pictures like these so blogging helped me practice what I love doing best.

To know more about Me Blogging, visit her fashionable and quirky blog here.

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