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We all assume that during our high school graduation ceremony, as soon as we throw our caps up in the air, the burdens of the 14 years of school days disappear, and we will be finally be free. Well that’s not the real deal: that moment of happiness just lasts for a couple of minutes because knock knock, who’s there? University applications, scholarships, tuition fees and worst of all deciding on which major you want to pursue.

At that moment confusion and worry overwhelm every new high school graduate. Questions like “What University should I attend?” and “Is this major right for me?” exhausts their minds.

There is no need to worry anymore, Director Mariam Al Serkal might have found a solution to the hesitation all students encounter in choosing their future university and major. How so you make ask? Well with a new and exciting educational show, produced by Noor Dubai TV station, titled “Ma’a Hamad Qalam”

This new show revolves around the lifestyles of university students around the UAE. It discusses their aspirations, activities and dreams. Director Mariam Al Serkal explains, “the main goal of the show was to give students, or to be more precise the youth of the United Arab Emirates, the chance to own a show to make them feel that media does care about them. After all, they are the future.”

The show is divided into four segments. The first segment is titled “Mubtada wa Khabar” the crew of “Ma’a Hamad Qalam” covers the festivities, bazaars, or any other special activities occurring within universities of the UAE; they also cover the openings of new universities.

The second segment of the show “Al Dars Al Awal” which according to the Director Mariam Al Serkal “is the most influential segment” revolves around the discussion of a certain major. For example where the major is available, what kind of skills a student is required to study this major, and the importance of the major in the UAE and so on. Mariam Al Serkal notes “this [segment] is specifically designed for high school students, since we noticed a gap in choosing a major. Schools unfortunately don’t really equip students on how to choose a major … therefore this will help students to understand what majors are available and decide for themselves what suits them”.

“Nashat Hur” which is the third segment of the show revolves around the innovative talents and creativity of students in the UAE.

Last but not least, the fourth segment "Al Fusha" basically covers a debate among students. The students are usually from different universities and are assigned to debate a specific topic. “What makes our [show’s] debate different than any other debate is that we give a student the chance to be the presenter” explains Mariam Al Serkal.

Overall “Ma’a Hamad Qalam” gives a clear idea for new high school graduates of what life after school uniform is really all about.

So let’s hope this innovate show gives the youth of the UAE the voice they’ve been striving for as well as booms the interest of the young generation in higher education and makes it an easier step for them to take.

– Fatma Lootah. Images courtesy of "Ma'a Hamad Qalam"

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