Winners Meshari Al-Nafisi, Abbas Mousawi, Saad Al Farhan

Lazurd, the Kuwaiti premier chocolate shop, turned one year old on August 20th and to mark the occasion they announced the winners of the photography competition that they hosted in celebration of their anniversary.

Offering all kinds of exotic and tasteful canapes in small bites along, Lazurd is known to offer a variety of coffee sweets in different flavors and fillings and their most known for their unconventional signature cookie. Participants of the competition had to creatively take shots of Lazurd's delicious offerings and though there were so many entries, only 3 won the votes of the judges.

The winners were: Meshari Al-Nafisi (1st place), Abbas Mousawi (2nd place), Saad Al Farhan (3rd place).

Meshari Al-Nafisi (1st place)
Abbas Mousawi (2nd place)
Saad Al Farhan (3rd place)
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