We're loving the following "Vimto" photo series, shot and done by Hythem Daham- a freelance photographer based in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Artistic yet informative; sheer brilliance!

"In 1912, Noel Nichols registered the Vimto name as a medicine, in the form of tonic to keep people fit and healthy."

"Vimto is made using a secret formula including a mix of three fruit juices grape, blackcurrant, and raspberry- along with a mysterious blend of 23 fruit essences, herbs and spices."

"In 1987, Vimto launched the first diet version of the drink, with the same delicious flavor but without the sugar."

"Vimto was traditionally intended to be a healthy pick-me-up, which gave those who drank it energy."

"The name 'Vimto' comes from the fact that it was created as a tonic that gave you 'vim' and 'vigour.' Later shortened to vim-tonic, it finally became known as Vimto."

"It wasn't until 1921 that bottling agents started to add carbonated water to Vimto concentrate and distribute it to corner shops, cafes, ice cream parlors and cinemas as Fizzy Vimto."

"The brand is now worth 200 million pounds worldwide (as of Feb'08)."

"The inventor of Vimto was a gentleman called (John) Noel Nichols who was born in Blackburn in December 1883 to a cotton yarn agent, John Cooke Nichols and his wife, Lois, a governess."

"By 1910, Noel Nichols' warehouse proved too small so he uprooted his operations to Chapel Street in Salford, where Vimto began to be sold in herbalist shops and temperance bars as an alternative to alcohol."

For more information on Hythem Daham, check out his Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/HD-Photography

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