With summer here and the fast escalating temperatures, your body will lose water in a vast amount in an effort to cool itself; a process called homeostasis (equilibrium).  Homeostasis regulates the temperature in your body to changes in the external environment such as the weather outside. An example of Homeostasis is when you sweat, it is a way your body cools down, or when you shiver it is a reaction from your body to warm you up.

Summer means endless sweating, so be sure to drink enough water,  so as to avoid dehydration.

Symptoms of dehydration:

1. Major one is Thirst
2. Headaches
3. Fatigue
4. Dizziness5. Drowsiness
6. Dark colored urine
7. Bloating
8. Dry skin
9. Impatience and irritability

The solutions:
1. Drink more fluids and quench your thirst. The best fluids are water and juices. The drinks you should avoid or drink less of are caffeinated or carbonated drinks since they act as diuretic and dehydrate you.

2. Consume more fruits and vegetables, since most consist of 90% water.

WARNING: It is important to drink water but try not to drink to much water at meal times because it can dilute the digestive juices making them less effective and leading to indigestion

Another thing people take for granted when dieting is the amount of water they consume. They don’t link their weight loss performance with the amount of water they drink. To burn fat you need water since every chemical reaction in the body needs water. So think of it as a part of your diet regime or muscle-building regime. Having said that why not calculate the amount of water you need linked to the amount of exercise you do daily, just follow this link.

Sources: E-How, The Way Up

Guest-Blogger: Haya A.S


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