This week's installment of Hot-Clicks is curated by Sahar Ghazale, an interior architect with 12 years of experience in design and furniture, who works as a Senior Designer at Pro-Design Group in Kuwait. Sahar is also the author of a the Un Peu De كل شي design blog in which she posts interesting topics in the worlds of architecture, design, art, photography and excerpts from her experiences.

Here is Sahar's selection of Hot-Clicks and websites you should check out:


  • This website is run by  Romanian design enthusiast who was able to reach the world with the wide selection of design topis, beautiful architecture, and great DIY tips that anyone can benefit from.
  • This is my all time favorite website to go to. I refer to it when I am in need of inspiration or just feel like browsing to view the out-of the box design materials that are all presented in a fashionable manner.
  • This website has all the latest updates in furniture, design, and home accessories. Light and easy to navigate, Design-milk is informative, educational and fun.
  • As a woman, luxury and fashion constitute a large part of my interests. Design is a universal all encompassing aspect of every product, place or space, hence a good designer should be up to date in all fields related to beauty.
  • Eat.Love.Savor: This website is mainly about gourmet food and drinks, in addition to luxury and "savoire vivre", again topics that I am attracted to very much.


For more information on Sahar Ghazale, check out her blog "Un peu de كل شي" .


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