We love stumbling on cool yet highly beneficial gadgets and things online, this time we've found a batch of amazing cubicle essentials for anyone wanting to make his/or her office/job experience a better one.

Here are our cubicle must-haves:

  • USB Cup Warmer: Perfect for keeping your coffee/chai-7aleeb/hot drink warm for the longest time possible. Simply plug into your computer, put your cup on the warmer, and enjoy our drinks longer.

  • Wiki USB Fridge:Same idea, but instead you get your own personal mini fridge that you can stash in your desk and enjoy cool drinks with.
  • Plug Mug: No more taking your mug home with you or locking it up in the desk away from the tea-boys and other co-workers, just keep the plug with you instead and keep your mug at the office kitchenette. No one can use this genius mug without the plug, hence your mug is safe and free from any lurking co-workers that might use it.

  • USB Heating Blanket:Perfect for the freezing air conditioned offices locally and regionally, where you need to haul a sweater with you in the middle of the summer to survive a couple of hours in your cold cubicle. Just stash this heating blanket at your cubicle, plug into your computer and put it on your shoulders to deliver warm and lovely heat.


Source: Design Your Way

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