Here's another installment of our Color Series; in which you can expect to learn a lot about the significance and historic value of colors. This week's color is "Green,"- the color of money, luck, and as the Khaleeji saying goes "دربك خضر"!  Read some of the factbites we found on Fact Monster about "اللون الأخضر"..

"Only one national flag is a solid color: the green flag of Libya.

Ancient Egyptians colored the floors of their temples green.

In ancient Greece, green symbolized victory.

In the highlands of Scotland, people wore green as a mark of honor.

Green is the national color of Ireland.

A “greenback” is slang for a U.S. dollar bill.

Green means “go.” When “all systems are green,” it means everything is in order.

The green room of a concert hall or theater is where performers relax before going onstage.

The “green-eyed monster” is jealousy.

A greenhorn is a newcomer or unsophisticated person.

Green is youthful.

Being “green around the gills” is looking pale and sickly.

“Green with envy” means full of envy or jealousy.

A person with a “green thumb” is good at making plants grow.

A green, or common, is a town park.

Green is a healing color, the color of nature."

Stay tuned for more Color Series!

Source: Fact Monster

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