On Day 3 of the Nuqat Branding Workshop, we gathered around the tables to present our brands. Each attendee stood up, introduced their project, and explained their brand's identity. We were encouraged to comment on each other's brands and discuss every point. We helped each other out on everything from picking the name of the brand to giving it a personality. It was a very collaborative process.

After we were done presenting, we got back to working on our Brand Naming and Brand Architecture (the hierarchy organization of our offerings/services/products). We spent the whole time working on that. As always, Luma, the presenter, walked around and sat with everyone to help develop their brands.

On Day 4, also the final day, we rolled up our sleeves, and got artistic. It was time to create our Brand Design. This includes creating a moodboard, sketching logos and choosing the colors for our brand's identity.

We sketched and sketched and sketched… Our sketches varied from the good to the mundane to the really bad! But it was an expressive time, and we had to explore every little aspect of our brand. We learned that designers like Luma can sketch up to 100 different images until they find the right one!  And even then, they may choose a single image, but they develop it a number of times until they come to a final choice.

Luma went to everyone individually and helped us out with our designs. She gave us tips to creating better logos, sometimes even sketching them with us. Even if we didn't create logos ourselves (I myself am not a graphic designer so eventually I'm going to hire someone to design it for me) but at least we now understand what we want out of a logo.

Best of all, in those 4 short days, we learned that a Modern Arab Identity isn't a contemporary interpretation of camels, eagles and Arabic calligraphy. And it's not the creation of a logo either!

It is the consistency in the visuals, colors, tone of voice and brand representation. It's the creation of a personal, stimulating visual identity, with strong values, devoid of all clichés, and made by a bright and inspired Arab.

And THAT is what being a Modern Arab is all about.

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