With the basics down from day 1 and 2 of the workshop, every one was ready to get started with their individual artwork. Al-Shukairi was more than helpful guiding each person with their own piece and gave much needed advice. Day 3 started off with everyone brainstorming ideas and experimenting with letters, shapes and compositions. Some resorted to carving calligraphy on lino and others sketched their designs on the canvas. I took another route and traced my composition of 3 Arabic letters onto the canvas. A little hesitant with the design at first, I was advised by Al-Shukairi that there is never a wrong idea when it comes to art. It was safe to say that every person there was so excited about their artwork and completely engaged in the artistic process.

By the final day, the workshop was full of artistic energy. Every one was busy finishing up their artworks and the scene somehow felt like a TV show challenge, where the contestants had to quickly rush to beat the clock. By the end of the workshop, Al-Shukairi asked everyone to join in to create the group artwork. A massive canvas indeed, the entire group traced a composition of random Arabic letters and started painting it in.

The Nuqat team were especially gracious and made everyone feel at ease by always asking how they're doing and if they needed anything. Judging by the artwork produced, the workshop was a definite success! Here are a few images from day 3 and 4, you can find more images and information about the other workshops at www.nuqatblog.com

Tracing letters on to the canvas
The final piece!
Participants Artwork
Participants Artwork
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