The Economics Issue – #14


Our mission at Khaleejesque is to support young initiatives and personalities so when looking at the themes we wanted to cover in 2015 Economics became an obvious choice. With the Gulf region at a point where regional concepts are growing at a phenomenal rate, with supportive platforms such as Launch on Fire, there was so much to explore both business wise and creatively.

Whether businesses that have flourished from start-ups to having branches across the Middle East (Rakan Al-Fadhala of Chocolateness), producing a beginners guide to art collecting, or breaking into Oman to feature one of their leading restaurateurs, there is so much to talk about (often of course relating back to our favorite pastime; eating.)

We continue to endeavor to showcase the very best and enhance our profiles and interviews with articles from regional experts such as the organizational structure in Islamic banks by Dr. Sarah Al-Shamali and Abra-Kadabra which looks at international case studies by way of example to learn and expand.

Published March/April 2015

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