Amal Alajmi: Through the Lens of Our Customs and Traditions Print


Poster Description:

Our ancestors created the bulk of our culture’s customs and traditions, which are still faithfully practiced to this day. My poster sheds light on the fact that most of what has come to pass should remain in the past. It’s time that those living in the present create a balance between what should remain in the archives of history and what works with present ideals and modes of living. Those living in the present should create and contribute to our culture as much as those in the past have contributed.

Limited Edition Print, only 10 of Amal’s designs have been printed.

Print material: Photo paper

Dimensions: 36 x 24 inches (90 x 60 cm)

Edition date: 2019

We certify that the enclosed poster is an authentic, limited edition print of an original and exclusive artwork commissioned and produced by Khaleejesque, and designed by the artist. All copyrights and further reproduction rights are retained by Khaleejesque.


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