The Adventure Issue – #11


It may not sound like much to people who live in a region with thousands upon thousands of scientists, researchers, and explorers, but for an Arab, and a Khaleeji no less, it is always surprising to find someone who defies all norms. Someone like Nasser Al Fozaie, who stayed in Greenland to study its native inhabitants, or Maryam Al Joaan, whose work took her all the way to Antarctica, or Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to scale Mount Everest.

In non-adventure news, and more design we interviewed Raya Al Khalifa, a beautiful Qatar-based Bahraini costume jewelry collector; Alia Al Qassimi, owner of Abu Dhabi’s newest design and fashion boutique Minbart; and Kuwaiti fashion designer Taher Sultan.

When looking at adventurous careers, we interview Maryam Al Nusif, a Kuwaiti investment banker turned enterprising chef, and Kuwaiti professional drifter Mubarak Al Rumaidhi. We also examine the biological and emotional impulses behind stepping out of your comfort zone in The Risk Effect. In travel, we explore the beautiful Le Royal Monceau Paris, and journey across Cinque Terre, Italy’s stunning – almost well-kept secret – destination.

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