Kuwait Design Hub exhibited at Design Doha Biennial, a landmark cultural launchpad for Arab talent that took place from 24th-28th February 2024. Sponsored by the National Council of Culture, Arts and Literature (NCCAL) and presented by Khaleejesque, the dynamic exhibition was a showcase of innovative works by 5 Kuwait-based designers curated by Maryam Alwazzan. 

Working across the theme of intricately weaving sustainable practices with the rich tapestry of contemporary Arab identity, the artists came together seamlessly to create a unique platform that highlights the fusion of environmental consciousness and cultural heritage in modern design. Founder of Khaleejesque, Fouz Fahad Al-Sabah shared, “Kuwait Design Hub was a great opportunity to highlight the innovative work of designers from Kuwait to a global audience. Through Design Doha, the designers connected with their peers, international media, and enthusiasts who learned more about the creative process behind each designer's work.” 

Speaking about the exhibition, Maryam Alwazzan explained, “The exhibition not only displayed individual creativity but also a cohesive narrative that binds each piece to the next, illustrating a collective commitment to sustainability, cultural storytelling, and artistic innovation. Visitors were immersed in a space where the preservation of natural resources, the revival of traditional craftsmanship, and the articulation of cultural and political narratives through design come together in a thought-provoking display. This interconnectedness offers a unique insight into how modern design can honor tradition, champion sustainability, and make powerful social statements, all within the context of Kuwait's evolving design landscape.” Jassim Al Nashmi, Kawther Al Saffar, Dalia Aly, Jassim AlNasrallah and Loulwa Al Radwan were handpicked to showcase their contemporary design practices through sustainable design practices.

‘Hamama’ was a set of 4 ceramic plates by architect and artist Jassim Al Nashmi made in collaboration with local craftsmen at his design store and studio Manmade Studio. The thoughtful design offered a mindful approach to extending the utility of everyday objects indoors and outdoors by gently merging the domestic with the natural and fostering a subtle connection between our living spaces and the environment.

Product designer, Kawther Al Saffar’s metallic wall-mounted sculptural piece titled ‘Dual Dome’ captured the beauty of traditional sand casting in a singular moment in time as two distinct metals were poured hot into a hand-packed sand mold resulting in an uncontrolled and organic reaction. The outcome was self-explanatory in its inherent beauty and served as a symbol of this undervalued, transient culture of craft that forms the foundation of culture and civilization.

‘Artful Resistance’ by Dalia Aly is an acacia wood and Merino wool coffee table. Decorated using the traditional Palestinian Tatreez method of cross-stitching, with the watermelon motif that depicts resistance, it perfectly blended the two forms of artful resistance into a beautiful piece of furniture to be placed in homes as a constant reminder of resilience and as a symbol of hope for a Free Palestine. 

Two artworks made of sand and aluminum by Jassim AlNasrallah, a self-taught Arabic calligrapher, were inspired by his love for the Arabic letters. With a strong focus on mixing classical art with contemporary methods, his goal was to spread the beauty of the Arabic language internationally. 

‘Lunar Tales’ is a brass and mirror installation by interior designer and founder of design studio, Interia, Loulwa Al Radwan. More than just a calendar and more than a vision lighting up our darkness, it was a mirror, it was our reflection. The interactive mirror depicted the phases of the moon, from its soft birth to its quiet thinning, and the changes they carry with them that are thought to affect the human mind, emotions and even behavior in a formidable work of art.

Kuwait Design Hub successfully offered a unique platform to these five prominent creatives to blend the fusion of environmental consciousness and cultural heritage in modern design.

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