Mariam Bin Natoof is a creative professional with over 14 years of experience in the communication and design fields. Natoof is the creative business with which she associates her design work, specializing in branding, identity, graphic design and art direction.  Serving local, regional and national clients,  Natoof’s work has been featured in several international publications, such as The Secret Life of Logos, Brand Identity Essentials, Design DNA, 1000 More Greetings, Communication Arts and Martha Stewart Weddings. #16 featured the Mawahib book Volume II by Natoof. Mawahib, the Arabic word for “talents,” is a series of books showcasing skilled and professional Arab graphic designers, illustrators and photographers. Mariam was inspired to create Mawahib because she found it challenging to source other designers, illustrators or photographers as either collaborators or client referrals. Volume I was created in November 2012, featuring the biographies of 35 unique artists and over 260 pieces of their artwork and photos. The book’s aim was both to promote these featured talents to potential clients across the United Arab Emirates and to be a lasting source of inspiration for other creative individuals. Twenty-five further artists were listed with the release of Volume II. Their nationalities encompass the UAE and also include select artists from the GCC countries, such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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