The newly launched Tebr Collection has launched at Design Days Dubai in UAE. The collection consists of porcelain vases and tableware that feature intricate patterns inspired by the historic architecture of the United Arab Emirates. The pieces explore these adornments from historic architecture and their reinterpretation into modern, everyday lives.

Motifs carved into an old wooden door found in Al-Ain Palace, the residence of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan; the former UAE president and Founder of the nation, were the inspiration behind the designs featured in the collection.

Tebr, translates to the Arabic word for raw gold, and the tableware items are embellished with 14 karat gold, to resemble the door's large brass nails and locks.

The collection was created by designer Aljoud Lootah, who creates products that mix Emirati culture and details of craftsmanship with traditional silhouettes and modern geometric elements.

To view the collection visit her website.

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