Meet d3 is Dubai Design District's flagship annual festival, showcasing all things creative at the intersection of design, art, and technology, whilst celebrating the ever growing d3 community. This immersive, multidisciplinary event is open to the public and features large-scale installations, unique retail and food concepts, music and other special commissions.

Meet d3 is taking place December 8-10, 2016, in the Design Quarter of Dubai Design District (d3) and is open to people of all ages. You can find a map and comprehensive instructions on how to get to Meet d3 here.

d3 Installations:

Meet d3’s curated programme of art and design includes new commissions, interactive installations and other innovative projects transforming d3 into an experiential immersive playground for visitors. Whether large-scale or ethereal, contemporary or reflective and historical, Meet d3 presents a dynamic range of design and artistic medium including painting, sculpture, installations, video, photography, architecture, fashion and design experiences.

Cairo NOW!

Cairo Now! sheds light on the city’s emerging young designers who, despite the lack of a marketplace or an infrastructure supporting their practices, continue to innovate and revive bygone traditions with a contemporary edge.

Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative (FBMI)

Alongside the display of their finest rugs woven, FBMI will be hosting an interactive carpet weaving workshop at Meet d3 and completing a large carpet with the efforts of the entire d3 community.

GIF Paradise by Satwa 3000:

The GIF Paradise is a four-room experiential space by Satwa 3000, where people can create and star in their own custom animated GIF’s and receive a digital copy to share online with friends. 

Khaleej 2016 

Emirati curator and artist, Rami Farook, will team up with Kuwaiti artist and designer, Nanu Al-Hamad, to bring together a ground-breaking group of emerging creatives from the UAE and GCC for an exhibition that reflects the future of creativity in the region.

Lasvit Glass Experience:

Lasvit once again brings their unique Glass Experience show, giving visitors the opportunity to participate in the glass-making process and witness the process of transforming raw glass into unique glass objects.

Light Sowers by Maotik

Light Sowers is a poetically interactive installation where visitors create their own audiovisual show inspired by the frail beauty of fireflies and the mysterious atmosphere that they bring to the ordinary world.

Luster by Noor Jarrah

Luster is an interactive outdoor light installation by UAE-based architect and designer Noor Jarrah that is activated by users walking through, resting on, and playing in it.


Myneandyours unveils ‘The Greatest of Mysteries’, his most ambitious project to date encompassing ten murals, over 500 clouds, and over 50,000 stars.

Osmo by

Osmo is a monumental, inflated silver sphere that envelopes groups of visitors and invites them to relax under the stars of a projected universe whilst listening to an ambient soundscape from outer space.

Shrumen Lumen

Shrumen Lumen is a garden of gigantic origami-inspired kinetic and interactive mushrooms that change colors and shape in response to your movement

Studio AS+R

Studio AS+R celebrates the UAE’s diversity and contribution to design with this unique pavilion that serves as a gathering point and whose shape is inspired by the country’s borders

Ruben Sanchez at Tashkeel

Tahskeel, a gallery, studios, and workshops facility supporting artists and designers working in the UAE, presents new work exploring dream worlds by guest artist Ruben Sanchez.


Artist James Clar, whose work explores our continuous push and pull relationship with technology presents new pieces created especially for Meet d3.

Sun Canopy

The sun canopy is a hand painted, three-dimensional work of art, designed to transform the perception of  space by combining the elegance and precision of the visionary art movement with the technology and design of futuristic architecture.


Please click on the link below to download Meetd3 guide.

MEET d3 2016 Guide

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