Yas Island and The Alliance, organizers of the popular Middle East Film and Comic Con and GAMES Middle East events, are collaborating to launch ANI:ME, marking the third debut project to be announced in the region.

The three-day event will be a celebration of Japanese entertainment and popular culture, featuring Japanese anime, manga, cinema, music, games, fashion and culinary delights, which make Japan a captivating cultural country.

One important element for these types of events,is Cosplay, which will be a major component at ANI:ME. An exciting Cosplay competition will take place, with the lucky winner being sent to Japan to compete in the world finals of the World Cosplay Summit.

Visitors to the event will also be able to explore and experience fascinating traditional elements of Japanese culture, including traditional sword fighting, calligraphy, art, and amezaiku candy making in the Japan Culture Village, as well as authentic handicrafts and live demonstrations.

The event will be taking place at du Forum, Yas Island from 27th to 29th October 2016.

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